Have you ever noticed that your kids or family members are always sneezing, having coughs and colds? It could be that the carpets used at home are filthy. As you know outdoor air and sand contains pollens, fungus, bacteria, cigarette smoke, car exhaust and other chemicals, which is carried to your carpets through hair, clothing and shoes etc. These can cause allergic reactions like coughs and colds, watery eyes, sore throat, feverish and body pains. So to keep your familyís health at best, get your Carpetís professionally cleaned.

Please Note:
  • An Office, Study, Media, Family, Dining room or extra Lounge must be counted as a bedroom while making booking.
  • Prices are based on Standard room sizes upto 14m≤ (Additional Charges apply for bigger rooms)
  • Minimum charges of $90 applies at all times
  • Some Stains and spots permanently damaged the carpet and it is not always possible to remove these. So we do not take any guarantee for this.

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